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Chennai Express (2013)

Chennai Express

 Action, romance, adventure and comedy spell Chennai Express. Forget the marketing hype, this is one foreign movie that can only benefit some more for having Rohit Shetty as its director and Deepika Padukone and Shahrukh Khan as the lead stars. Unlike most imported movies, Chennai Express has no issues with unpopular genres or prohibitive budgets.

Khan always manages to deliver movie star movements exactly at that time when a scene calls for it. Chennai Express all but plays up heroism and undercuts traditional masculinity and codified patriarchy in Khan’s excellent acting prowess. Padukone is all grace and subtlety as she comes to the rescue of Khan’s various mishaps. Who’s to say that Bollywood has not given us the Indian equivalent of Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks?

The only drawback of this film which you can watch on movies2k is some stereotyping of South India natives in some scenes, but Shetty has done his homework and creates a balance with ethnic humor, albeit not too delicately in this case. As entertaining as it is, Chennai Express has quite the horde of references to the previous works of both Shetty and Khan, handsomely executed action sequences and a number of beautiful songs.



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